Vent Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning
Since 1996

About Company One Stop Vent Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Clean Green launched our family business cleaning carpets in 1992, focusing on developing the safest, most efficient way to clean carpets and remove resistant stains. In 1996, we began cleaning air ducts, and over the years, we have utilized advanced technology to become a leader in Air Duct Cleaning. Our methods for cleaning carpet and air ducts are some of the best available on the market today. We surpass the recommended cleaning by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, N.A.D.C.A.

Over the years we have seen many methods of cleaning air ducts, such as the “brush and vacuum”, “push-pull”, “blow and go”, “reverse suction” and the “negative pressure” methods. Today, we have captured and apply the best elements of all of these methods, matched with the strongest, most efficient equipment available to bring you THE CLEAN GREEN WAY!! Using our method of cleaning, partnered with our camera technology, we can ensure that you get a TRUE CLEAN. We back up our promise with a fully-sanitized system and 100% satisfaction guarantee!! You can’t go wrong with CLEAN GREEN!